digital print on PVC floor, 320 x 400 cm * 2016

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The work is based on 82 screenshot images, collected from the official homepage of the American manufacturer of shoes Vans. Since the 60´s the company offers to the customers the possibility to create their own designs. This option today is available online at their Vans Customs Internet page, where everyone can start designing from a blank shoe (witch is white), apply multiple changes in the colors and create a unique model. Until the end of 2016 the internet engine of the company offered the customers to entitle their own designs and sign them the way they want. After being ordered, all designs where collected in an online database called “Social Culture”, where every other homepage visitor could display them. One could order someone else´s design or even use someone else´s design as a starting point of a new design. Before being taken offline in 2016, the database consisted of over 130,000 models, created by people from all around the globe. Scrolling through that huge amount of designs reveals that some ordered pairs were just white.  The invested creative act in these embodies the refuse of changing anything in the original blank condition. The white customized Vans shoes cost about 20 dollar more then the white ordinary Vans shoes. They look exactly the same.

On February 15th, 2016, Twitter user joshholzz tweeted the original “Damn Daniel” video. It received more than 16,000 likes in the first 48 hours, four days after the initial tweet had 121,938 retweets and 148,382 likes. In it the narrator can be repeatedly heard praising fellow student Daniel Lara’s look, including his “White Vans.” In 2016, Time magazine listed Lara as one of „The 30 Most Influential People on the Internet”.